The mission of Ethical Veterinary is fourfold:

  • We strongly urge spay/neuter and rescue/adoption in order to reduce the number of animals (a staggering 4-6 million) that are destroyed annually. We offer a lifelong discounted exam fee for rescue or shelter-adopted animals.
  • We promote progressive veterinary medicine that puts science, disease risk data, and the patient's natural interests before business, convention, or cosmetics. For this reason, we do not perform or condone excessive vaccination, overmedication, convenience euthanasia, declawing, ear cropping, or cosmetic tail docking.
  • We understand the emotional depth of animals, engage in only the gentlest of handling, and treat your canine and feline family members with the same respect we treat humans.
  • We are committed to lobbying animal protection legislation at the local, state, and federal level.