Puppy Mills

What is a puppy mill?

Puppy mills are facilities that mass-produce puppies for profit. These operations are notorious for exploiting breeding dogs in filthy, cramped quarters. The dogs are often kept in cages for nearly their whole lives without interaction or attention. They are forced to churn out litters of puppies over and over, and spend most of their lives being continually pregnant or nursing. It is not uncommon for breeding dogs to be killed, abandoned or sold off when their reproductive ability declines and they are no longer considered useful.

Why would anyone buy a dog from a puppy mill?

No one who buys a puppy mill puppy ever seems to think it came from a puppy mill. Sadly, puppy mills falsely advertise themselves on websites or sell puppies to stores that are also only interested in making a profit. Most individuals who purchase these dogs are well-meaning and have no idea that their cute new friend was produced by a deplorable industry. Puppy mills set up websites that appear respectable, even sometimes boasting that their puppies were home-raised or have fantastic bloodlines. In stores, the puppies are placed in storefront windows, where potential buyers are never told their true origins.

Are puppy mills illegal?

Unfortunately, no. Animal protection groups across the country have however been working hard to curb and eventually eliminate this form of animal abuse. It is up to us to spread the word that buying puppies from pet shops and websites is what keeps these operations in business.

Are these puppies healthy?

Puppy mill puppies are much more likely to have infectious diseases and parasites, as well as genetic disorders from overbreeding/inbreeding that often come with a huge price tag to fix later on, if they are correctable at all.

What can I do to help?

Adopt, don't shop! Visit your local humane society or SPCA to find a dog or puppy. If you are looking for a very specific animal, check out rescue sites like petfinder.org. With millions of animals (including puppies!) euthanized across the country each year for lack of homes, it is irresponsible for puppy mills to be breeding dogs, making money off their misery, and ignoring their health problems. Avoid buying animals shipped over the internet or from pet stores, regardless of claims. Tell your friends and family about it!